Elite Voice Recognition – A.S.T.R.A. comes alive and first taste of real bounty hunting.

This is my third post on my ongoing experiment of using Voice Recognition with Elite Dangerous. At the point of my last post I was starting to find A.S.T.R.A. more useful, but was starting to feel a little uncomfortable about

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Complexity Vs Depth

I recently had the experience of trying out Path of Exile, an ARPG (Action Role Playing Game) developed by Grinding Gear Games. I’ll admit I only played a few hours, but it didn’t leave a particularly good impression on me.

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Horror Vs Fear

Occasionally it just takes a bit of self examination to set off a light-bulb moment. Although somewhat of a late bloomer to the genre I do consider myself a horror fan, and yet I feel a real disconnect to a

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Voice Recognition in Games Part II

A little while back I made a post about Voice recognition in games. I didn’t do much for a while after that but in the last few days I’ve gotten back into the swing of Elite Dangerous and had a

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Tabletop: Importance of Clarity

Hey all, I know I’ve not posted for a few days. As stated I’m really, really, struggling to keep coming up with things to write about. But for today going to take a step away from digital gaming and take

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On ROP characters.

Aaaand I’m back. Apologies for the break, combination of other commitments and unable to really think of anything to write about (Something I suspect will be an on-going problem for me). This is be a relatively short post, I’m rather

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Just one more turn

I think most gamers have done this at least once. Some games just suck us in so deep we loose all track of time. Now I’m not talking about when we know what time it is but we don’t care,

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